Coffee Shop Freshly Brewed – Hot – Cold Brew – Ice Coffee

New England Coffee Freshly Brewed
New England Coffee Freshly Brewed

Coffee Shop – Hot – Fresh

Coffee shop brewed fresh throughout the day. Dockside Deli proudly serves New England Coffee, a company that gained a reputation for consistently good coffee and coffee beans.

To ensure that you’ll always enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at our shop we brew using the drip method throughout the day. Also our coffee is brewed into thermal containers that keep it hot and fresh. We never boil or have it sitting on a burner that would destroy the flavor, resulting in a bitter taste.

Stop by Dockside Deli for a great tasting cup to start your day, try one of our breakfast sandwiches made in house with fresh eggs and top quality (Boars Head) deli meat, it’s worth the trip!

Coffee Maker

Breakfast Blend Coffee

Breakfast Blend: Medium roast, Regular and Decaf. The finest beans from Africa, Central and South America in a hearty, medium-roasted wake-me-up blend.

Full City Roast Coffee

Full City Roast: This dark roast is 100% Arabica blend, roasted medium brown for full-bodied flavor and a smooth, clean finish. This classic blend is appropriate any time of day; before, during, or after a meal.

Hazelnut Creme Coffee

Hazelnut Crème: A medium roasted coffee, which is also a popular flavor. The rich, nutty flavor of our Hazelnut Crème coffee creates a smooth coffee experience with a hint of sweetness

French Vanilla Coffee

French Vanilla: Medium roast signature blend of South and Central American coffee beans is mixed with smooth and sweet French Vanilla to delight all flavor lovers.

Cold Brew & Iced Coffee

Coffee Shop Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Our Cold Brew Coffee is made in house and slow steeped in small batches for 12 plus hours. The result is a rich, smooth, great tasting coffee that is low in acid and free of many of the compounds that can make coffee bitter. Our Ice Coffee is also freshly brewed in house and available throughout the day.

“Ditch the major chains and drive down to Dockside Deli for a fresh cup of great tasting coffee”

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